About Us

Femtosecond Solutions for Industry and Science

LIGHT CONVERSION, founded in 1994 with roots at the Vilnius University Laser Research Center, is a pioneer in femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPA’s) and Yb-based solid-state femtosecond laser sources. For years it has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of femtosecond laser systems.

With proven competence in laser design and manufacturing, state-of-the-art R&D facilities, and close ties to research programs, LIGHT CONVERSION offers unique solutions for today’s industrial, scientific, and medical challenges. The reliability of our femtosecond lasers has been proven by hundreds of systems operating 24/7 for more than 10 years in the industrial market. Using our knowledge, experience, and highly motivated professional team, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction.


Excellence in Ultrafast

For more than three decades, we have been searching for and discovering new ways to apply femtosecond laser technology. LIGHT CONVERSION customers range from research centers and labs, to manufacturing and high-tech industries, to medical companies.

Excellence in femtoseconds is our purpose and passion. . To satisfy industrial and scientific market needs, we are reliable and productive, and at the same time, flexible and versatile. We strive to maintain balance and satisfy the most demanding customers across various ultrafast laser markets.

  1. Femtosecond Lasers – PHAROS and CARBIDE industrial-grade femtosecond amplifiers and FLINT oscillators (https://lightcon.com/products/femtosecond-lasers/)
  2. Harmonic Generators – Automated and customizable harmonic generators, second harmonic bandwidth compressors (https://lightcon.com/products/harmonic-generators/)
  3. Wavelength-Tunable Sources for Yb Lasers – The ORPHEUS series of femtosecond parametric amplifiers (OPAs) for Yb lasers and industrial-grade OPA. (https://lightcon.com/products/tunable-wavelength-sources/)
  4. Wavelength-Tunable Sources for Ti:Sapphire Lasers – The TOPAS series of femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) for Ti:Sapphire Lasers (https://lightcon.com/products/opa-for-ti-sapphire-lasers/)
  5. OPCPA Systems – OPCPA systems for scientific research providing high peak and average power, as well as few-cycle pulse duration (https://lightcon.com/products/opcpa-systems/)
  6. Spectroscopy Systems – The HARPIA comprehensive spectroscopy system for time-resolved spectroscopy (https://lightcon.com/products/spectroscopy-systems/)
  7. Microscopy Systems – Microscopy-dedicated femtosecond laser sources, CRONUS-3P and CRONUS-2P and more (https://lightcon.com/products/microscopy-systems/)


Founded in 1994 in Vilnius, Lithuania, LIGHT CONVERSION is a privately‑owned company with >500 employees, of whom 10% hold PhD degrees. Our >17,500 m² facility accommodates R&D, design and production teams so that all key development and manufacturing processes are managed in‑house.

With more than 7,500 systems installed worldwide, LIGHT CONVERSION has established itself as an innovative producer of ultrafast optical devices and the largest manufacturer of femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs). In addition to selling our products via a wide range of customers, we also provide our OEM products to other major laser manufacturing companies.

LIGHT CONVERSION-USA, Inc is a subsidiary of LIGHT CONVERSION, responsible for sales and service in N. America.  LIGHT CONVERSION-USA, Inc is incorporated in Montana (USA).